Black Hawk Down... EXPOSED!
This is NOT a protest against the movie. This is an action to get the truth out!
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The content below has been carefully selected and drafted by respected Journalists, Veterans, Former UN Representatives and Educators in the field.


A review of the movie from one of our members

'Black Hawk Down' Honors Rapist

Call For Action, How you can Help!

The Oil Factor in Somalia

The 1993 Famine

A Vietnam Vet Speaks on Black Hawk Down

Target Somalia: A Hidden U.S. Agenda?


Our Review of the book by Mark Bowden

Video Clip about a Protest of the movie

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From the BBC: Black Hawk Down

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US targets in Somalia running for cover
Deepening Food Crisis Again Threatens Somalia
Child soldiers in Mogadishu, Somalia
U.S. Attack Could Rupture Somalia Peace
Somalia News Wire
Is Somalia a Safe-haven for Terrorists?
Somalia IS Bush's Next Target!
U.S. considers returning to the scene
U.S. must approach Somalia with caution (op/ed)


Somalia - The Facts
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The Pentagon's support in BHD

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever does.
 - Margaret Mead



The wreckage of one of the US Blackhawk helicopter downed with rocket-propelled-grenades RPG by Somali militias during clashes around the Olympic Hotel in October 1993.











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